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Frequently Asked Questions

Brian, can I unsubscribe?

YES! You can unsubscribe at any time. If you're not getting value from the newsletter, then feel free to unsubscribe.

How many remote job opportunities can I expect?

Great question! You'll receive a minimum of 10 Remote Jobs per week in all categories… and sometimes more, probably a lot more.

Can I reach out to you specifically?

Of course, you can! With the exception of asking general questions only. I don't do any critiques at the moment, because highly experienced trained professionals that I partnered up with can help that.

How long have you been working remotely?

I’ve been working remotely for 5-years in which provided great flexibility for myself and my family. My commute is 60-seconds (Bedroom to my downstairs home office).

What is a remote US job, do I have to live in the US?

The short answer is YES because here are a few reasons why a person needs to be in a geographical location. For example, a company may want its team member to be located close to their office for an in-person meeting, traveling, tax laws, offering benefits,  time-zones, etc.

Now, you might be curious about what this “How To Discover Your Next Remote Job” checklist? Let me share a sneak peek:

  • Every month I share the best tips and insider secrets on how to apply for your next remote job

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